I live in Portugal, near Lisbon, but I started school in Coimbra, where I spent a large part of my lifetime. I studied arts and history and was inspired to become a true artist, so I filled many notebooks with drawings and annotations of my surroundings. I always fed this artistic curiosity but wanted to make it useful, so I went to the university to study industrial design, to idealise and improve everyday life for everyone.
        So far, I have worked in many different areas like architecture, interior design, graphic design and printing, product design and web design. I also did editorial illustrations and some fine art on the side.
        Today I can say I tried a little bit of everything in the realm of the arts. I gained an extended perspective on what is creativity and how it can help me and those around me to become better creators and problem-solvers. I love to be methodic, organise work and employ research and ideation skills to build a solid case where we tackle a problem from start to end towards a better solution that improves people’s life.
        I love taking long walks, listening to jazz records, and digging for strange obscure music from the past in my spare time. I love drawing. It makes me feel happy and calm, drawing silly, random things and occasionally inventing new comic book fantasies.

Pedro's self portrait


Digital product designer at Farfetch

June 2021 until now

I was challenged to help shape farfetch.com, the biggest online luxury fashion catalogue. I am part of a 50+ team dedicated to the inspirational part of the customer’s journey and the discoverability of products in the marketplace. I work on differentiated initiatives tackling big business problems interlinked to small interaction points or interface areas. I also contribute to the design system as an individual contributor when that need arises from daily design activity.

Digital product designer at TUI Group

March 2019 until May 2021

Working in one of the world’s largest tourism groups, I was part of a team of 10+ people. Our objective was to create original ideas and business plans for the future of travel. I worked on eCommerce websites, app concepts, and developing a design system for the company’s ecosystem of products in TUI’s future markets, including the Stay portal for booking accommodations.

Founder, manager and designer at Noise Goods

June 2013 to August 2019

The idea of founding this brand originated from my leathercrafting hobby. I raised money to invest in new materials and designed a collection of fashion accessories and bags. I partnered with local tanneries and leathersmiths to sell online, direct to consumer, and wholesale for fashion boutiques.

Digital product designer at Smartidiom

May 2016 to March 2019

I joined the company to help develop new products for translation and other language-related services. I was part of a small team developing new interface concepts that would tie all business operations. I contributed to establishing a new design system and developing the front-end shell for all products.

Product designer at Paul Stricker

June 2010 to October 2013

I joined a team of 50+ people to help organise the catalogue and create new products for the advertising industry. It was an excellent opportunity to design different products each week. I designed backpacks, bags, writing instruments like pens and markers, computer peripherals, tableware, photo frames, beach accessories, apparel, among other gifting products. The design-factory collaboration was remote and async, with overseas production in China.

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer

September 2009 to June 2011

I was in the Lisbon market as a freelancer. I worked in editorial illustration, graphic design and web design.

Industrial designer at Comopi

September 2007 to September 2009

I entered the company Móveis Piquete to help kickstart the kitchen furniture brand Comopi. My mission was to create the foundations for a new cabinetry system. We researched ergonomics and engineering patterns to design and deliver a new and unique furniture system. We adapted a software program to blend this system with the factory line routines, to automatise quotation and production sheets.

You can follow up on my interests and side projects or interact and contact me via the social channels below. Please use the contact form to reach out for professional enquiries.