I live and work in Portugal, in the Lisbon area, but I was born in a small village called Ilha — translates to “island”. I started school in the city of Coimbra, where I spent a large part of my lifetime. Studied arts and history and was inspired to become a true artist, so I filled many notebooks with drawings and annotations.
        I fed my curiosity for this artistic side so I later came out of the university as a designer. I worked in many different areas, architecture, interiors, graphic printing, industrial design, fine art, illustration, web design. Today I can say I’m a complete designer and fit for almost any type of project, honouring the real purpose of being creative. I love being methodic, to employ my research and ideation skills, and prefer to form solutions that solve a particular problem in our daily lives.
        In my spare time I love taking care of my small trees and micro gardens, listen to ECM records, draw silly things, and invent new comic book fantasies just for fun.

Pedro's self portrait


Digital Product Designer at Farfetch

June 2021 until now

Digital Product Designer at TUI Group

March 2019 until May 2021

I entered one of the world’s largest tourism groups, and was part of a department of 10+ colleagues, set to create original ideas and develop future business plans. One of those products was the Stay portal for selling accommodations worldwide, in various countries. The design is based on Tagus, a custom design system I helped create from scratch, to grow the company’s ecosystem of digital products.

Manager and Designer at Noise Goods

June 2013 to August 2019

I founded this brand out of a hobby, crafting leather. I raised money to kickstart the company and immediately begun designing and developing a leather fashion accessories line. I was responsible for almost every managing aspect of the brand and outsourced the production in local Portuguese workshops and tanneries. The majority of sales were online with a generous portion going to wholesale and trade shows.

Digital Product Designer at Smartidiom

May 2016 to March 2019

I joined the company to help develop digital interfaces for translation and other language-related tools. We were a team of four, one product owner, one back-end, one front-end and me, as a product designer. We developed a complete design system and implemented a new working front-end for all the tools included in the business plan.

Product Designer at Paul Stricker

June 2010 to October 2013

I was liable for organising and creating new products for the company’s catalogue. In a team of 50+ colleagues, we outsourced everything, and the production was planned to be crafted overseas. It was a diverse range of products to design, from backpacks and bags to writing instruments, photo frames, notebooks, computer peripherals, tableware, amongst others made specifically for the advertising industry. Fast and challenging, but fun to jump from project to project.

Freelancer Illustrator and Graphic Designer

September 2009 to June 2011

I worked as a freelancer creating editorial illustrations and developing graphic design projects like posters, catalogues, stationery, websites, etc.

Industrial Designer at Comopi

September 2007 to September 2009

I entered the company Móveis Piquete to revitalise the brand Comopi. It’s a kitchen furniture manufacturer, and my mission was to create the foundations for a new cabinetry system. It was a challenging task that involved a lot of ergonomic and production investigation to deliver a system capable of outputting production sheets and smart automatic quotations and photographic renderings to the customers.

You can follow up my interests and side projects, or interact and contact me via the social channels below. If you want to reach me out for professional enquiries, please use the contact form instead.